AceroDog C (100 g)

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Although dogs can produce vitamin C themselves, their own production is often not enough. The consequences include Gum and tooth damage. Feed AceroDog C in case of mucosal damage, metabolic or skin problems.
Raw protein 23.1%, fat content 4.3%, raw fiber 1.0%, raw ash 3.4%.

Natural vitamin C content:
129,000 mg / kg
Minerals: Calcium 0.08%, phosphorous 0.33%, sodium 0.07%
Acerola, liver powder (from pork)
Feeding Recommendation
Give AceroDog C daily.
= 5 kg body mass = 1 g 15 kg body mass = 2 g 30 kg body mass = 3 g = 40 kg body mass = 4 g
The small measuring spoon holds 2 g