Application Notes
Spray AkaFree with 10 ml / m² in the hiding places, on the running streets and directly on the mites and insects or the resting places of the pets.

Notes on safe use:
Keep away from children! Do not ingest!
Cover food, do not spray directly!
Do not get in eyes or on open skin areas.
. If medical advice is needed, Have packaging or label ready.
Shake well before use!
AkaFree contains geraniol, the essential oil of scented geranium. Geraniol destroys the chitin layer of arachnids and insects and and insects and blocks the trachea. The pests dry out.

Active ingredient:
. Geraniol, 6.4 g/kg - Baua Reg. No.: N-108324 - Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use. Keep the use of biocidal products to a minimum!
Please dispose of contents/container to authorised waste collection point. Completely empty packaging can be disposed of with household waste.