Apple pellets 5 kg

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Apple pellets are rich in pectins, which bind bacteria, their toxins and water, thus relieving the strain on the intestines. Due to their high crude fibre content and low energy, PerNaturam apple pellets are also suitable for horses that are not to be fed concentrated feed, thus preventing feed envy. They can also be added to concentrated feed as a healthy change or used as the basis for homemade muesli. They make very popular treats.
The natural and fully retained pectin content of the apples as well as the swelling capacity help to regulate intestinal activity and the intestinal flora.
Crude protein 7.4%, crude fats 4.3%, crude fibre 29%, crude ash 4.3%, residual moisture 7%.
Calcium 0.015%, phosphorous 0.16%, sodium 1.12%.
Application Notes
Depending on the size of the horse, give between 50 and 100 g as a feed supplement and 500 g daily as part of a therapy,
PerNaturam apple pellets are also eaten as a treat.
100% gently pressed apples.