Astringa tannin herbs 500 g

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More and more horses suffer with serious digestive problems. In particular, many horses now suffer from faecal water. Faecal water is an indication of a permeable intestinal mucosa and insufficient absorption of the intestinal water. When this problem occurs, the intestinal flora is always significantly disturbed – often by fructans, fungi and fungal toxins (endophytes) – thus affecting the entire digestive system. The tannins contained in the astringent herbs seal the intestinal mucosa. Adstringa can be combined with Amara bitter herbs and, depending on the severity of the problem, with EquiGaron or the peloid pellets from PerNaturam. Another suitable product: Topimal pellets which include the processed above-ground parts of the Jerusalem artichoke plant.
Crude protein 9.5%, crude fats 3%, crude fibre 28%, crude ash 8.6%.
Calcium 1.58%, phosphorous 0.19%, sodium 0.06%.
Application Notes
For a horse weighing 600 kg, feed 50 to 70 g of astringa tannin herbs for 5 to 7 days. Then give Amara bitter herbs for three to 4 weeks. It is sensible - and often necessary - to additionally feed EquiGaron or Peloid pellets from PerNaturam for two weeks. Then the problem is usually resolved. The intestinal mucosa has normalized and the desired intestinal bacteria have settled and multiplied.
Blackberry leaves, yarrow, oak bark, knotweed, oregano, silverweed, white horehound, marigold (calendula).