Balsama 1 kg

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Has a calming effect on nervousness
Increased nervousness and a hectic pace can easily lead to serious accidents. Horses experiencing these conditions have no resistance to stress. They need more composure. Above all, this is a psychological problem that must be tackled accordingly. Balsama herbs can help with this. Nervousness not only occurs in the mind, it also has an effect on the digestive organs, liver, stomach and intestines. It can also be attributed to certain cases of colic.
The herbs in Balsama can help the horse to feel more relaxed without making it sluggish or sleepy.
Crude protein 12.7%, crude fats 3.6%, crude fibre 17.6%, crude ash 11.1%.
Calcium 1.13%, phosphorous 0.31%, sodium 0.06%.
Application Notes
Balsamic herbs are limited to eitherPeriod of time fed up to a maximum of 4 weeks, or youfeeds them alternately or with othersHerbal mixtures, e.g. immune herbs or herbsthe basic supply / landscape mixtures. veryIt has proven to be effective on very nervous horses, dailyAdd a handful of moistened herbs to the food.With very nervous horses, with horses in extraordinary onesStressful situations, such as transport, moving and newer,Unfamiliar surroundings you should use the balsama-herb mixtureuse a week before and after.
Hops, lemon balm, lavender, valerian, stinging nettle, apple, camomile.