Beef - fat from grazing cattle

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Natural source of fat for daily supplementation
Sufficient amounts of animal fat are an important basis for a balanced diet. Our beef fat from grazing cattle provides essential fatty acids and concentrated energy to maintain all metabolic processes. It is an essential building material for the brain, nerve fibres and every single cell.
no additives
Moisture 16,8 %, crude protein 5,5 %, fat content 77,3 %
Ca 0,0 %, P 0,03 %, Na 0,1 %
Beef fat from meat trimmings
Feeding Recommendation
Feed slowly! The amount required depends on the weight of the animal and the amount of fat already contained in the feed.Not a substitute for high quality oils. May contain pieces of meat, this is not a quality defect.
Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within a few days.