Bio nettle juice (3 liters)

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To support digestion, especially when changing coat
Nettle is traditionally used for skin and fur formation, its blood-purifying effect has also been handed down. The change of coat is a time of highest metabolic activity. With PerNaturam nettle juice support your horse and help him change coat easy to manage. You keep the intestinal flora stable, what also the change in feed associated with the stall relieved.

Certified by LACON DE-ÖKO-003
Crude protein 0.2%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 0.57%, moisture 97.5%.
Ca 0,02 %, P 0,02 %, Na 0,03 %
100% fermented nettle juice
Feeding Recommendation
Cure for 14 days. Give 150 to 250 ml of the daily Feed or in the drinking trough. Because of its pleasant taste Horses like to lick the juice straight.

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