Caldera Spirulina 250 g

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Increases performance and endurance
This high-quality spirulina grows in Burma's pristine, clean crater lakes. It is dried directly on the banks. Most dogs love them!
The high content of chlorophylls, amino acids and minerals ensures an amazing vitalization of the dog, brings more shine to the coat and leads to more intensive pigmentation. In addition, Kaldera Spirulina cares for the intestinal flora, has a detoxifying effect and supports the immune system.
Crude protein 53.9%, fat content 4.2%, crude fiber 1.0%, crude ash 5.4%.
Ca 0,08 %, P 0,73 %, Na 0,58 %.
Application Notes
Give Caldera Spirulina from PerNaturam as a feed supplement or as a reward. Dogs up to 10 kg body weight receive 1 teaspoon (3 g), larger dogs up to 10 g.
100% sun-dried spirulina flakes.