Detoxification package 3 (large)

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consists of:
SilyCholin 500 g,
Rhenalind 1 kg,
Lüneburg herbs 1 kg,
Willow bark meadowsweet 1 kg,
EquiZeolon 900 g,
Decidum - Base Powder 750 g

It is not only medicines and environmental toxins that horses are burdened with. Unbalanced feed, preservatives, mould, fungal toxins and frequently oxidised fats put a strain on the liver and kidneys. By stimulating the metabolism and the organs of elimination, we help the horses to eliminate these substances.
If it is the first time the horse is receiving a detox, we recommend the small and gentler version at first, or the medium detox if there are existing liver problems.
We only recommend a large detoxification if the liver is under massive stress. For example, after the undesirable ingestion of plants such as autumn ragweed or ragwort, germ-loaded feed or as an accompaniment to medication. In general, it should be clarified whether the horse's organism is able to cope with this before starting a cleansing. If you are unsure, our team of advisors will help you. In case of doubt, a urine test can determine whether the horse is suffering from a detoxification disorder of the liver. The major detoxification cure for horses lasts 6 weeks (42 days). During this time, Silycholin is fed at 10-day intervals and Rhenalind® Kidney Herbs and Lüneburg Herbs are fed alternately at 5-day intervals. In addition, willow bark & meadowsweet is also supplemented at 5-day intervals as well as EquiZeolon daily. Beforehand, the acid-base balance is balanced with Dezidum® - Alkaline Powder.
The package is accompanied by our detoxification recommendation with detailed instructions and further information. You will also find the you can also find here or in our download area.

SilyCholin contains one of the traditional liver herbs ? milk thistle. Together with bitter herbs and microalgae, the active ingredient complex silymarin protects the liver cells and supports the elimination of toxins and the regeneration of the liver. Rhenalind® Kidney Herbs is a particularly gentle herbal mixture that helps to stimulate the kidneys and thus to better excrete the substances released by the drainage process. We have avoided stronger stimulating herbs such as nettle, juniper or goldenrod in this blend. Lüneburger Kräuter represent the varied flora, of the Lüneburg Heath. Their focus is on stimulating and supporting the organs of elimination. The mixture stimulates the liver, the kidneys and the skin metabolism. This herbal mixture is particularly helpful for horses that suffer from skin problems, as their kidneys, intestines and mucous membranes are often not able to eliminate toxins properly. The blend of willow bark & meadowsweet contains natural salicylates, which promote the fluidity of the blood and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, the removal of CO₂ and elimination.
EquiZeolon has an extraordinary adsorption capacity. It can therefore bind toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances during the digestive process and transport them out of the body. EquiZeolon thus supports the elimination process and balances the acid-base balance.
Dezidum® - Alkaline Powder Provides sodium bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium and zinc. They are necessary minerals to dissolve the acid depots in the connective tissue and ensure the deacidification of the cells.
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