Dezidum Dog (300 g)

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Dezidum Dog is a mineral mixture of basic substances to regulate the acid-base balance.For skin problems, especially fungal infections, it can be mixed with water and used for washes and baths. The pH value should be greater than 9.
Crude protein 3.4%, fat content 0.5%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 60.5%.
Ca 0,03 %, P 0,01 %, Na 21,5 %, K 2,26 %, Mg 0,5 %
Glycine zinc chelate, hydrate 15 g.
Application Notes
Small dogs up to 5 kg receive ½ ML per day, dogs up to 15 kg receive 1 x 1 ML, dogs up to 30 kg 2 x 1 ML, larger dogs 2 to 3 ML. One measuring spoon (ML) = 5 g.
For baths or washing, 4 measuring spoons in 0.5 to 1 L of water.

Because of the higher content of minerals and trace elements compared to complete feeds, PerNaturam base powder may only be given up to 1% of the daily ration.
Sodium bicarbonate, tripotassium citrate, magnesium L-aspartate and anise