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consists of:
100 g Hepatika, 250 g Kidney Herbs, 200 g Spirella, 250 g Purificar
It is not only medicines and environmental toxins that dogs are burdened with. Unbalanced food, preservatives, mould, fungal toxins and frequently oxidised fats put a strain on the liver and kidneys. By stimulating the metabolism and the excretory organs, we help the dogs to eliminate these substances.
The cleansing cure for the dog lasts approx. 6 weeks (42 days). During this time, dogs are given Purificar, Kidney Herbs and Spirella Microalgae Mix alternating with Hepatika at 3-day intervals.
The package is accompanied by our detoxification recommendation with detailed instructions and further information on the topic. You can also find the detoxification recommendation in our download area: here directly to the discharge recommendation
Purificar has an extraordinary adsorption capacity, to which the micro-activated zeolite (clinoptilolite) in particular contributes. This can bind toxins, heavy metals and other pollutants during the digestive process and transport them out of the body.
The chlorella algae of the Spirella Microalgae Mix has, similar to the Purificar, the ability to bind toxins that would otherwise be reabsorbed via the enterohepatic circulation. The spirulina contained in the mix also supports blood formation and the immune system due to its high content of chlorophyll and B vitamins.
Kidney herbs stimulate the activity of the kidneys, increase the quantity of urine and the flushing of the bladder and kidneys and thus promote the elimination of water-soluble substances via the urine.
Hepatika contains 30% of the active ingredient complex silymarin from the husks of milk thistle seeds. This is the most effective remedy for the liver, both in terms of stimulating its activity and regenerating and protecting liver cells.
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