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Our dogs are enchanted wolves. And they always enchant us humans with their friendship and loyalty. It has been an intimate relationship for many thousands of years. They often give us much more than we give them. We should think a little more about the food.

All extremes are wrong

The dog is not a carnivore, and it is certainly not a dry food eater. He can get both, but not exclusively. Anyone who represents extremes is pursuing other interests than the well-being and health of your dog. How are you supposed to know how to do it right? And that's where the circle closes: Of the wolves, of course, they tell us.

What is the wolf eating?

He first eats the innards of his prey, not only the organs such as the liver, lungs and heart, but also the intestines and the stomach with all its contents: pre-digested plant substances, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds, all broken down by living enzymes and rich in content all vitamins - especially vitamin K and the vitamin B complex - produced by the stomach and intestinal bacteria of the prey. With the plants, the wolf gets a large number of secondary plant substances, many of which are also used in medicine as remedies. And he gets antioxidants. These are substances that bind free radicals in the body and are essential to avoiding or reducing inflammation. Of course, it also eats muscle meat, connective tissue and bones. If he finds ripe berries, he likes to take them.

The wolf needs all that. Your dog needs all of that too!

Now, with the best will in the world, you can't feed him like that. But he certainly deserves a little more effort than just canned food, dry food or just raw meat. The way to the heart is through the stomach, and the right diet is the best medicine. This is nothing new. If you stick to it, you will save your dog a lot of suffering and yourself as well. It is possible without great effort to mix missing substances into the feed as required and without adulteration.

Your dog will thank you with activity, joie de vivre and a long life. Deficits creep in slowly, and the consequential damage only occurs with a delay. An inadequately nourished body can maintain an emergency program for a long time, it suffers silently and often unnoticed. But at some point the damage becomes obvious: problems with digestion, with the skin or deformed bones in young dogs, a loss for life. This is where the repair shop with medication begins: often a vicious circle from which there is no escape, a lifelong ordeal if the causes are not eliminated in time.

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