East Prussia herbs 1 kg

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Promotes protein digestion
This mixture is indispensable for all horses that have to cope with grasses that are very rich in protein and fructose – and almost all of them are today. These horses are constantly prone to digestive disorders and often suffer from diarrhoea, faecal water, colic and not least laminitis. The fresh grass from the pasture in spring, without the former herbal diversity, is a dangerous strain on the intestines. The same applies to hay from species-poor meadows, the staple food in winter, as water evaporates, but sugar does not. The bloated stomach shows how much the intestinal flora is strained and disturbed. With horses that lean badly to the right, this is often due to an irritated appendix. They do not like to be touched and cleaned in this area either. Ostpreußen herbs provide the right help. The bitter spicy herbs stimulate the intestinal flora and help to digest energy- and protein-rich grass and hay better. They stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and the pancreas. This allows the intestinal flora to regenerate and relieves the appendix. Amara bitter herbs are an alternative.
Crude protein 11.2%, crude fats 7.6%, crude fibre 28.4%, crude ash 5.9%.
Calcium 0.75%, phosphorous 0.31%, sodium 0.03%.
Caraway, meadowsweet, yarrow, parsnip, buckwheat, couch grass, bilberry leaves, deadnettle, bedstraw, fennel, knotweed, coriander.
Feeding Recommendation
Feed approx. 50 g to 70 g East Prussian herbs per day per dayHorse, preferably moistened with the feed.