Energy Grain Blend 3 kg

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Vegetable fats are important sources of energy, especially in winter. Horses from warmer regions and poorly fed horses need an additional supply of readily available energy. However, the metabolism of equidae is not adapted to the digestion of pure fats. High-fat wild seeds are therefore a species-appropriate energy supply - rich in high-quality unsaturated fatty acids that do not burden the bile and pancreas.
Crude protein 15.3%, crude fats 3.1%, crude fiber 12%, crude ash 22.7%.
Calcium 6.63%, phosphorus 0.41%, sodium 0.94%.
Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, buckwheat, camelina, black cumin, safflower, perilla, sesame, chia, sorghum
Feeding Recommendation
Allow the PerNaturam energy grains to soak for 15 minutes before feeding them or, far better, grind or crush the grains in a coffee grinder.
Depending on the size and energy needs of your horse, give 0.5 to 1 measuring cup daily, especially during performance phases ,in winter or when you are emaciated.
The measuring cup holds 80 g.