Enterogan 100 g

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Art. No. 302003

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Strengthens the desired intestinal flora
Enterogan strengthens the protective intestinal flora and supports it with soft faeces and high infection pressure.
Crude protein 8.5%, fat content 2.3%, crude fiber 8%, crude ash 8.5%.
Ca 0,84 %, P 0,13 %, Na 0,05 %.
Application Notes
Feed Enterogan daily. Do not give more than 14 days at a time during pregnancy.
= 5 kg body weight = 1 measuring spoon 15 kg body weight = 2 measuring spoons 30 kg body weight = 3 measuring spoons = 40 kg body weight = 4 measuring spoons
The measuring spoon holds 1.5 g
Guar gum, dandelion root, olive leaves, origanum, sage and thyme.