EquiForte 1 kg

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EquiForte is indispensable for horses that need to build up their muscles, for example, after illness, when top performance is required, during training or for cases of exhaustion or age-related muscle atrophy. This is only effective if the horse is moved or trained. Many osteopaths use EquiForte alongside therapy.
Rice husks and rice germs contain important substances for hormone control, especially testosterone and, therefore, for muscle development.
Crude protein 11.3%, crude fats 14.4%, crude fibre 10.1%, crude ash 12.6%.
Calcium 0.86%, phosphorous 0.82%, sodium 0.05%.
Application Notes
You can feed up to 150 g of this product per horse per day,but usually 50 g to 100 g are sufficient. It takes time to build musclesome weeks. To maintain the muscles, 50 g daily is sufficientthe end. EquiForte should be discontinued 3 days before tournaments.
Rice germs, rosehip peel, bitter herbs, maral root, Siberian ginseng, willow bark, meadowsweet, fructo-oligosaccharides.