EquiKPU 600 g

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To support the liver and bowel cleansing
The liver is responsible for ensuring that all waste products and toxins are rendered harmless and eliminated. It does this in two stages. For the second stage, it needs B vitamins – especially B6 and B12 – which are formed in the intestine by special intestinal bacteria. If the intestinal flora is disturbed, this causes insufficient production and absorption of B6 and B12, resulting in KPU – kryptopyrroluria. The deficiency can result in serious liver damage. The toxins are stored temporarily in the connective tissue, in tendons and ligaments and in the intercellular space. If the shortage of B6 and B12 is maintained, the body uses an emergency outlet. The substances from the first detoxification step become primarily coupled to zinc, but also selenium, manganese or iron, meaning that these minerals are no longer available elsewhere. A deficiency in these trace elements gradually develops.
EquiKPU compensates the deficiency in vitamin B6, B12 and especially zinc so that the liver can work normally again. However, the solution for the KPU problem requires the following: During the transition period lasting a maximum of half a year, during which the deficits are compensated by EquiKPU, the intestine or its intestinal flora need to be restored. This can be achieved, for example, with Ostpreußen herbs, Amara bitter herbs, liquorice and anise-caraway-fennel.
Crude protein 11.8%, crude fats 3.5%, crude fibre 9.5%, crude ash 8.5%.
Calcium 0.56%, phosphorous 0.21%, sodium 0.17%.
Zinc as zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 15,000 mg, vitamin B6 5,000 mg, vitamin B12 1,000 mg.
Application Notes
Feed 20 g (= 2 measuring cups) EquiKPU, ponies dailyget half.

Because of the higher trace element content compared to complete feed, EquiKPU may only be fed up to 1% of the daily ration.
Cranberry powder, organic sulphur (MSM), sea buckthorn fruit powder, sage leaves, liquorice juice, oregano, bishop's weed, neem tree leaves.