Faeces examination for dog worm infestation, coccidia

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Delivery time 1-3 days
Art. No. 993002
The thing with worms
In order to be able to correctly assess a parasite infestation in dogs, cats or horses, we offer parasitological tests in collaboration with the Vetscreen* laboratory. We will send you the documents and corresponding shipping tubes for a faecal sample. You send the envelope stamped in the enclosed special envelope to the laboratory.
As worms do not excrete eggs every day, a collective sample should always be submitted over 3 days. The McMaster enumeration method is used to determine not only which parasites are involved, but also the number or degree of infestation.
We will receive the findings and contact you by email to discuss the next steps.

*Exclusive laboratory for veterinary practitioners. As an end customer, you cannot commission Vetscreen directly.