Flora Islandica 1 kg

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Special herbs for Robust, Baroque & Nordic horses

. Mineral-rich herbs and lichens grow on the volcanic soils of Iceland. and lichens. Flora Islandica helps Robust breeds to adapt to the to the Central European flora with its energy-rich grasses.
The mixture, rich in tannins and bitter substances, improves (skin) metabolism and excretion via the kidneys.
Crude protein 9 %, crude fats 2.3 %, crude fibre 20.2 %, crude ash 10.8 %.
Ca 1.4 %, P 0.18 %, Na 0.25 %.
Meadowsweet, Hollow tooth, Meadow ragwort, Yarrow, Heartwort, willowherb, Iceland moss, lady's mantle.., Bell heather, blueberry leaves, goose cinquefoil, knotweed, sawweed & bladder wrack - cut.
Feeding Recommendation
Give approx. 30 - 70 g daily, moistened over the feed.

. ≤ 400 kg body weight = 30g
= 500-600 kg body weight = 50g
≥ 700 kg body weight = 70g