Flora-Islandica Fjord pasture (1 kg)

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To stimulate the skin's metabolism
Icelandic horses, all Nordic breeds and mountain horses, like Haflinger and Freiberger horses need special herbal mixtures which are particularly rich in organically bound minerals and trace elements. The Hochweide corresponds to that Forage supply of the high-altitude pastures in Iceland, where the horses live in summer. The Fjord willow contains herbs, Shrubs and algae from the coastal area. Alternate both mixes!

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Crude protein 9%, crude fats 2.3%, crude fibre 20.2%, crude ash 10.8%.
Calcium 1.4%, phosphorous 0.18%, sodium 0.25%.
Broom heather, clubmoss, broad-leaved plantain, thyme, shepherd’s purse, betony, horsetail, red algae, bladderwort, beard lichen, cinquefoil, blueberry and strawberry leaves, juniper berries.
Feeding Recommendation
Feed about 40 to 50 g for a horse daily, moistenedabout the feed. It is best to use the two mixtures (high andFjord pasture) alternately for a week.