Flora-Islandica high pasture 3 kg

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For a better metabolic function
Icelandic horses, all Nordic breeds and mountain horses, such as Haflinger and Freiberger, need special herbal mixtures that are particularly rich in organically bound minerals and trace elements. The Flora Islandica highland pasture corresponds to the fodder supply of the high grazing areas in Iceland, where the horses live in summer. The fjord pasture contains herbs, semi-shrubs and algae from the coastal area where the horses graze in winter. However, this does not mean that the highland pasture should only be fed in summer and the fjord pasture in winter. Alternate both mixtures!
Crude protein 9.5%, crude fats 2.9%, crude fibre 20.9%, crude ash 10%.
Calcium 1.18%, phosphorous 0.18%, sodium 0.48%.
Application Notes
Feed about 40 to 50 g for a horse daily, moistenedabout the feed. It is best to use the two mixtures (High and Fjord pasture) alternately for a week.
Goat's beard, bedstraw, couch grass root, bladderwort, downy birch leaves, horsetail, clubmoss, gypsywort, Icelandic lichen, beard lichen, willowherb, clove root, hawkweed, alpine lady's mantle.