Forest pasture 1 kg

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Foliage and bark mixture
Leaves, bark and fruits from forests and hedges have enriched the natural nutrition of horses since time immemorial. It has simply been forgotten in feed. Wild horses and horses that have preserved their natural instincts also help themselves over the fence and eat whatever is on offer when riding out. Give the horses what they need with Waldweide: natural vitamins, organically bound minerals and many antioxidants.
It supplements the feed with the forest nutrients and is rich in organically bound trace elements and vitamins. Waldweide aids better digestion of energy-rich basic feed.
Crude protein 6.2%, crude fats 3.3%, crude fibre 32.2%, crude ash 5.2%.
Calcium 1.33%, phosphorous 0.01%, sodium 0.01%.
Application Notes
Feed approx. 50 g to 70 g forest pasture per horse per day, preferably moistened with the feed.
Birch leaves and bark, oak bark, ash leaves, walnut leaves, beech bark, elderberry leaves, cherry stalks, heather, rosehips with seeds, elderberries.