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consists of:
Usniotica 50 ml, Dandelion juice 100 ml, Intestin 50 g

. Giardia are microscopic protozoa that live in the digestive tract and are excreted in the faeces.
This pack includes proven products to help with diarrhoea caused by giardia. Give your cat Usniotica, Intestin and Dandelion Juice for 10 - 14 days.
A guidebook with further information and instructions is also included. You can also find the guidebook including instructions here or in our download section.
Usniotica helps with an imbalance of the intestinal flora through the ingredients of lichen and marigold. It is used as an adjunct to treatment against protozoa such as Giardia.
Dandelion juice is mainly used to stimulate the liver and kidneys because of its gentle effect on the internal organs. It also inhibits undesirable germs and has a positive effect on the intestinal environment. Intestin inhibits the growth of unwanted germs and protozoa in the digestive tract and helps to stabilise the intestinal environment in the case of unwanted ingestion of plants or other substances and diarrhoea.
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