Heart multicomplex 100 g

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To support the heart functions
PerNaturam Herz-Multikomplex contains important nutrients for the supply of the heart muscle and for the improvement of the heart function.

Contains L-Carnitine, among others. the vitamins of the B complex and folic acid, magnesium, paradise nut flour with natural selenium, antioxidants from grape seeds, rice germ, hawthorn and stabilized rice bran.
Crude protein 20.7%, fat content 10.4%, crude fiber 16.7%, crude ash 7.6%.
Ca 0,7 %, P 1,07 %, Na 0,03 %.
0.1 g folic acid, 2.5 g L-carnitine
Application Notes
For every 5 kg of body weight 1 ML (2.5 g) to 20 kg. Dogs that are heavier than 20 kg are also given 1 measuring spoon for every 10 kg of additional weight.
Rice bran, grape seeds, magnesium L-aspartate, Algal lime, brewer's yeast, hawthorn and paradise nut flour.
Feeding Recommendation
≤ 5 kg Körpermasse = 1/2 kl. Messlöffel
15 kg Körpermasse = 1 1/2 kl. Messlöffel
30 kg Körpermasse = 2 1/2 kl. Messlöffel
≥ 40 kg Körpermasse = 3 gehäufte kl. Messlöffel

Der kleine Messlöffel fasst 2,5 g.