Hepatika (Avis) 100 g

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Supports the liver and promotes elimination

The liver is the central organ for metabolism. The active ingredient silymarin from milk thistle supports the liver in breaking down and eliminating harmful substances and helps the stressed liver to regenerate. Hepatica is indispensable for racing pigeons before and during the racing season: the breast muscle quickly turns pink again, the down moult begins, the body regenerates shortly for the next race. When our garden chickens are really down in the dumps, if medication is necessary: Hepatika is part of the regeneration process. Because of the accelerated metabolism in poultry, Hepatika works particularly quickly.
crude protein 32,4%, crude fat 3,3%, crude fibre 2,3%, crude ash 6%
Ca 0,51 %, P 0,46 %, Na 0,33 %, 1,48 % lysine, 0,68 % methionine
spirulina, milk thistle, dandelion root, artichoke, chlorella
Feeding Recommendation
Give 1/2 teaspoon Hepatika Avis over 1 kg feed for 5 days, -pause for 5 days, then repeat the application.br>
After moulting: Give Hepatika Avis daily for 5 to 10 days.
Racing pigeons:Add Hepatika Avis regularly to both meals on the day after races.