HerbaCor herbs 500 g

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To support circulation functions
The heart muscle is constantly in action. The HerbaCor herbal mixture regulates and supports the circulation and improves heart activity, making horses more attentive and active. The HerbaCor herbs are a huge help during changes in the weather, for sluggish and older horses, but also for performance horses. The improved blood circulation reduces oedema, especially swollen legs. With old horses it is best to feed alternately with Seniorsan. Excellent results have been achieved with cold-blooded horses.
Crude protein 10.8%, crude fats 4%, crude fibre 19.1%, crude ash 8.9%.
Calcium 1.59%, phosphorous 0.22%, sodium 0.01%.
Application Notes
Feed 50 to 70 g of HerbaCor per horse daily, preferably moistened with the feed.
Hawthorn leaves with flowers and fruits, ginkgo, blackberry leaves, rosemary, horsetail, shepherd’s purse, lemon balm leaves, rose petals.