Horseradish (1 kg)

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Regulates the bowel
Horseradish provides for a more active metabolism and more mobility, especially with older horses. The combination with ginger has proven successful.
Horseradish has a germ-inhibiting and bowel-regulating effect due to its high content of pungent substances. It invigorates, stimulates and cleanses the intestines and helps to expel parasites. In late summer, when the botflies lay their eggs, it helps to reduce or prevent the nidation of gastric larvae.
Crude fibre 8.3%.
Calcium 0.42%, phosphorous 0.23%, sodium 0.02%.
Application Notes
Mix 1 to 3 heaping tablespoons of horseradish into the feed, depending on the size of the horse.
100% horseradish, cut.