Hortulust - Universal Urferment

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The plant strengthener strengthens and strengthens the defenses of all plants in pots, tubs or beds in a natural way.
Contains comfrey and seaweed. This proven combination strengthens all plants in their defenses against pest infestation. Plants in balcony boxes and tubs with limited root space benefit in particular from the medicinal herbs, as they have a positive effect on keeping the plant healthy. atomizer free of charge
N 0.10%, P2O5 0.01%, K2O 0.09%
Application Notes
Universal Urferment is a concentrate and can be used as a soil activator in a mixture of 1:20 (50 ml to 1 liter of water).
Universal Urferment can also be sprayed as a foliar fertilizer in a mixture of 1:50 (20 ml to 1 liter of water ).
Foliar fertilization should be done early in the morning or in the evening to avoid leaf damage from sun burns.