Hortulust—Orchids 250 g

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Ground peels of organic oranges and lavender are added to our "Orchid" soil activator. The orange oil strengthens orchids in their defenses, e.g. B. against scale insects and the lavender scent also has a pest-repellent effect.
N 0.11%, P2O5 0.514%, K2O 2.73%

Using Lava rock flour, lavender, orange peel and microorganisms as a soil inoculant.
Soil additive according to Section 2 of the Fertilizer Act to increase biological activity.
Application Notes
With the orchids, the soil activator is used when the orchids are "dipped". Once a month, stir 2 g (equivalent to half a level teaspoon) into 1 liter of immersion or irrigation water. The rock flour does not dissolve, so you should pour the stirred cloudy water directly or immerse the orchids in it.