Hortus vegetable & fruit mix 3 kg

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Hortus by PerNaturam is a tasty vegetable and fruit mixture with a high proportion of organically bound minerals and trace elements. Ten kilograms of fresh vegetables produce one kilogram of Hortus.
This mixture is best given moistened, as it swells fivefold. Hortus provides better salivary secretion, helps soothe the stomach and intestinal mucosa, binds excess fluid in the intestines and provides natural vitamins and minerals. Hortus is very tasty and is therefore readily eaten.
Crude protein 7.4%, crude fats 2.2%, crude fibre 11.6%, crude ash 5.3%.
Calcium 0.44%, phosphorous 0.19%, sodium 0.19%.
Application Notes
Depending on the size of the horse, add 50 - 100 g of Hortus to the feed, either moistened or dry.
Carrot, celeriac, parsnip, apple granules, parsley stems, horseradish, carob.