Hunsrücker Trift - The low-energy basic feed 1 kg

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This mixture is based on an abundance of grasses and meadow herbs, as found on species-rich pastures and pasture paths (drifts). Hunsrücker Trift is suitable for all horses as the perfect basic feed for the daily dose of herbs and minerals, or as a substitute for concentrated feed or muesli.
Hunsrücker Trift is the low-energy and low-starch basis for horses with a sensitive metabolism or horses with sensitive digestion; also as stand-up feed or for light-feeding ponies and horses.
Moistening is not necessary.
Free from grain, molasses and synthetic additives. 100% natural, because nature knows the way.
Crude protein 9.2%, crude fat 2.4%, crude fiber 26.8%, crude ash 7.5%
Sugar (fructose, sucrose, glucose) 2.97%, fructans 5.81%, starch 1.9%
Ca 0.56%, P 0.22%, Na 0.05%
Grasses and herbs from species-rich low mountain range meadows, apple peels, fennel, marigold blossoms, elder, cornflowers and cat's paws, rose hips.
Feeding Recommendation
When used as a carrier feed, we recommend 100 to 300 g Hunsrücker Trift per meal, depending on the size of the horse.
When feeding as manger feed or concentrated feed substitute, give between 300 g and 3 kg daily, depending on the situation and size of the horse or pony.
For older horses, existing dental problems, eaters in a hurry and with low water intake, we generally recommend moistened to give food.