Icelandic moss (500 g)

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Clear respiratory system
Icelandic moss is a traditional medicinal plant that is mainly used in respiratory and lung problems. In terms of botany, Icelandic moss is a lichen. It contains lichen acids with antibiotic effects.
The lichen acids are effective against inflammation in the area of the mouth and the respiratory tract, but also against problems in the intestinal area. Its high mucilage content helps to loosen stubborn mucous and encourage expectoration. Icelandic moss combines well with Aerob oil, Aerob spray and Bronchosan herbs from PerNaturam. EquiLichmet contains an Icelandic moss.
Crude fibre 13%.
Ingredients/contents Crude fibre 13%. Calcium 0.39%, phosphorous 0.04%, sodium 0.01%.
Application Notes
Depending on the size of the horse, mix Iceland moss into the feed every day.Iceland moss can be boiled for a more intense effect. The cooked oneAlso feed moss (lichen) as it still contains 20 to 30% of the active ingredients.Ap

≤ 400 kg body weight = 10 grams.
500 - 600 kg body weight = 20 grams.
≥ 700 kg weight = 30 grams.
100% Icelandic moss.