Kidney Herbs (250 g)

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PerNaturam kidney herbs increase the amount of urine and flush the kidneysand bubble. They gently support drainage through the kidneys. This specialHerbs work particularly well together with PerNaturam green and farm gardencan also be given over a longer period of time.
Crude protein 9.3%, fat content 1.8%, crude fiber 15.5%, crude ash 27.6%.
Ca 2,01 %, P 0,17 %, Na 0,04 %
Application Notes
Small dogs up to 10 kg body weight are given 1/2 measuring spoon dailyLining; Heavier dogs are given - depending on their size - one to a maximum of 3 measuring spoons per day for 3 days, then a 3-day break, etc., repeat several times. Of theMeasuring spoon holds 7.5 g.
Orthosiphon, horsetail and closing grass root, ground.