Kolsal® Vital Capsules (Avis) (100 pieces)

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Strengthened vitality & defence

Colostrum is the first milk of mammals after birth. The specially purified colostrum from cows is particularly high quality. For the Kolsal Vital capsules, the purified colostrum is freeze-dried. The combination of antibodies and growth factors results in the strongest support for the immune system that nature has to offer. This also enables the calf to cope with all germs in the cow shed. Kolsal colostrum contains all amino acids, vitamins and trace elements in a balanced form, as they are necessary for growth. We only process colostrum from cows that are fed in a species-appropriate manner in the Kolsal Vital capsules. Furthermore, only the colostrum from the first day is processed. Dairy cows produce far more colostrum than a calf can drink, so the calves are not deprived of anything. In sick and weakened animals, it often helps to give a capsule directly into the gullet once. Alternatively, the capsule contents can be sprinkled over a small portion of soft feed. If there is a particular need for support, the capsules can be given over several days. For weakened animals, ensure sufficient rest and distance from stable mates, offer the animal an infrared heat source and provide sufficient fresh water and tasty food. During periods of stress such as transport, exhibitions, separation from young animals or partners, vaccinations and during races, a precautionary administration is highly recommended.
Crude protein 77.2 %, crude fat 0.7 %, crude fibre 1 %, crude ash 3.8 %
Ca 0.86 %, P 0.61 %, Na 0.23 %, 4.45 % lysine, 1.22 % methionine.
Composition: 100 % freeze-dried colostrum with all amino acids, immunoglobulins (antibodies), all vitamins, trace elements, lactoferrin and transferrin for immune strengthening as well as growth factors. Capsule made of cellulose.
Feeding Recommendation
Give 1 to 3 ¬Kolsal® Vital capsules per animal and day, spread throughout the day.