Komplement® Basis - Optimizes the daily supply of nutrients and vital substances

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Supplements the daily basic care with essential nutrients and vital substances from natural sources. Ideal as a supplement for barfers, but also as a daily addition to dry food and other complete foods that lack many vital substances.
Crude protein 19.7%, fat content 17.8%, crude fiber 2.6%, crude ash 20.8%.
Ca 2,34 %, P 0,74 %, Na 0,42 %, Jod 42,5 mg/kg.
120 g silica, precipitated/E 551.
Sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), brewer's yeast (entire vitamin B complex), ground bee pollen (all amino acids), spirulina (chlorophyll, magnesium), seaweed flour (minerals and trace elements), moringa leaf powder, rhodophyta, rosehip peel (supplier of vitamins C + K and beta carotene). Mangrove algae (Schizochytrium, supplier of vitamin D, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids), nuts of paradise (selenium). All fabrics are of natural origin
Feeding Recommendation
Feed Komplement® Basis daily.
Please add bones, meat and bone meal or algae lime to your calcium supply.
= 5 kg body mass = 2.5 g
= 15 kg body mass = 5 g
= 30 kg body mass = 7.5 g
= 40 kg body mass = 12 g

The small measuring spoon holds 2.5 g, the large 12 g