Lecithin silica (2.5 kg)

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For cell growth, regeneration, performance and beauty
Lecithins are the building blocks of all cell membranes and thus a prerequisite for cell formation and regeneration. Silica, i.e. silicon, is found everywhere in bones, cartilage, connective tissue, horn and synovial fluid.
Lecithin is indispensable for the construction of all cell membranes and consequently all cells and the nerve sheaths. Silica (silicon) is needed by the body to form synovial fluid and to build bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and horn. Especially pregnant mares, foals, but also performance horses, have a significantly greater need for lecithin. In the case of tendon and ligament damage, this combination promotes tissue regeneration, often surprisingly quickly and sustainably.
Crude protein 3.7%, crude fats 44.5%, crude fibre 1.4%, crude ash 34.1%.
Calcium 1.3%, phosphorous 1.07%, sodium 0.2%.
400 g silica, precipitated and dried (E551 a)
Sunflower Lecithin (GMO-Free)
Feeding Recommendation
Stressed horses and horses with tendon or ligament damageshould be fed lecithin with silica over several weeksreceive. Sport horses need lecithin with silicaespecially during stressful phases, also to cope with stressbetter to cope with. Horses need it during aRegeneration phase or during convalescence. Lots of osteopathsuse lecithin with silica to accompany therapya.
Requirement per horse weighing around 500 kg: 25 to 30 g daily, 2 to3 heaped measuring spoons full.
The measuring spoon holds 10 g