Lecithin with silica 500 g

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For cell growth, regeneration, performance and beauty of your dog
The body needs lecithin constantly, because lecithins - here especially the phospholipids (contain 36%), are the building blocks for all cell membranes. Without lecithin there is no functioning of the cells, no cell renewal, no growth.
The body needs silica (kieselguhr) for the production of synovial fluid and the development of horn, i.e. hair and claws, bones, connective tissue and cartilage.
Lecithin with silica is an important addition, especially for pregnant bitches and puppies, during the change of coat and for performance dogs.
Crude protein 3.7%, fat content 44.5%, crude fiber 1.4%, crude ash 34.1%
400 g silica, precipitated and dried (E551 a)
Sunflower Lecithin (GMO-Free)
Feeding Recommendation
Feed lecithin with silica daily. Double the amount during pregnancy and rearing!
The small measuring spoon holds 1.5 g, the large one 10 g
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