Lithothamnium algae lime (100 g)

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The calcareous alga lithothamnium binds and concentrates minerals from seawater. This makes Lithothamnium Algae Lime from PerNaturam a high quality source of Minerals and trace elements Lithothamnium algae lime contains 32% Calcium with high bioavailability.
Crude protein 0.5%, crude oil/fats 0.5%, crube fibre 1%, crude ash 93.5% 
Calcium 34.4%, magnesium 2.34%, sodium 0.73%, phosphorous 0.04%, potassium 0.04%, iodine?0.002%
Lithothamnium Algenkalk (algae calcium) 
Feeding Recommendation
A cat weighing 5 kg receives 1 measuring spoon daily, smaller cats ½ measuring spoons, larger cats up to 2 measuring spoons. The measuring spoon holds 1 g.