Lithothamnium algae lime

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PerNaturam algae lime from the seaweed Lithothamnium calcareum is an ideal vegetable source for minerals, bulk and trace elements. This lime algae is able to bind and concentrate the minerals and trace elements in seawater. This makes PerNaturamalgae lime a high-quality source of minerals. Lithothamnium Algae Lime contains 32% calcium with high bioavailability.
Crude protein 0.5%, fat content 0.5%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 93.5%
Ca 34.4%, P 0.04%, Na 0.73%, Mg 2.34%, K 0.04%
100% calcareous algae, Lithothamnium calcareum.
Feeding Recommendation
Depending on the size of the dog and as required, 1 g to 20 g daily.
The small measuring spoon holds 4 g, the large measuring spoon 17 g.

The rule of thumb for optimal calcium supply is: adult dogs 0.2 grams of lithothamnium per kilogram of body weight