Liver pellets 2,5kg

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To support the liver metabolism
The milk thistle husk is ground to a micro-fine powder, which makes the silymarin it contains readily available to horses. In combination with other metabolically active herbs, liver pellets are tasty, easy to feed and well accepted. To stimulate the liver metabolism and support the excretory organs, the combination with the kidney-stimulating herbal mixtures from PerNaturam, i.e. Rhenalind and Lüneburg herbs, is particularly recommended.
Crude protein 16.7%, crude fats 6.5%, crude fiber 17.5%, crude ash 8.1%
Calcium 0.95%, phosphorus 0.5%, sodium 0.04%.
Application Notes
Add 30 to 40 g PerNaturam liver pellets to the feed daily, preferably over a period of four weeks. For ponies and small horses, 20 to 30 g is sufficient. 1MB = 75g
Milk thistle husk, agrimony, schisandra seeds, angelica, oregano, turmeric, liquorice root.