Lueneburg herbs 3 kg

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Herbal mixture for detoxification
The topic of detoxification is an ever-recurring theme. It is not only medicines and environmental toxins that are polluting the horses. Imbalances in the feed, preservatives, mould, fungal toxins and frequently oxidised fats attack the liver and kidneys. By stimulating the liver and kidneys, we can help horses excrete these substances. They are particularly important in winter, when the horses sweat less and the kidneys have to perform exceptionally well.
The combination of Lüneburg herbs aims at stimulating the metabolism and supporting the digestive and excretory organs, especially the kidneys. It revitalises older horses whose metabolic activity has diminished. Another way to activate the liver and kidneys is to feed Heparlind liver herbs and Rhenalind kidney herbs from PerNaturam for a short period of time.
Crude protein 12%, crude fats 5.6%, crude fibre 23.8%, crude ash 8.9%.
Calcium 1.21%, phosphorous 0.27%, sodium 0.07%.
Application Notes
Feed approx. 50 g to 70 g Lüneburg herbal mixture dailyper horse, preferably moistened with the feed.
Nettle, birch, blackberry leaves, anise, horsetail, mugwort, pansy, veronica, goldenrod, angelica, juniper berries, erica blossom.