Mare herbs 3 kg

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In the mare's herb mixture by PerNaturam are such Herbs included in the last gestation weeks and the first phase of lactation for the Mare are indispensable, but today on most meadows no longer occur.
This special blend from PerNaturam promotes blood circulation of the uterus, strengthens and relieves its muscles thus the course of childbirth and the subsequent regeneration of the mare. The mix also balances hormonal imbalances after the horses out.
Crude protein 11.4%, crude fats 3.5%, crude fibre 19.8%, crude ash 9%.
Calcium 1.26%, phosphorous 0.2%, sodium 0.11%.
Application Notes
Give 2 to 3 weeks before the birth and that longthen 30 to 80 g daily, depending on the size of the mare.
Lady's mantle, raspberry leaves, lime leaves, horsetail, lemon balm, marigold, camomile, fennel seeds, Icelandic moss.