Monastery garden

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28 spice and pasture herbs for an active metabolism and good digestion
The Klostergarten herbal mixture brings the variety of a healthy meadow or pasture to the feeding trough! Variety of herbs – this means numerous secondary plant substances, important enzymes and many natural antioxidants, which wild horses constantly consume as the seasons change. It contains 28 spices and medicinal herbs to enrich the daily feed.
The various herbs ensure active intestinal flora, support a healthy metabolism and regulate the acid-base balance. The stimulating effect is evident, for example, in a more beautiful shine in the coat.
Crude protein 11.7%, crude fats 7%, crude fibre 25.8%, crude ash 8.1%.
Calcium 1.15%, phosphorous 0.27%, sodium 0.12%.
Application Notes
Herbs should always enrich the feed. Feed approx. 50 g to 70 g monastery garden per horse per day, ambest moistened over the feed. It is even better if you feed the different PerNaturam herbal mixtures alternately.
Horsetail, anise, arnica, birch leaves, veronica, fennel, lady’s mantle, rosehip, camomile, mullein, coriander, caraway, bedstraw, lime blossom, dandelion, wild marjoram, mint, nettle, marigold, yarrow, ribwort plantain, pansy, thyme, verbena, knotweed, willowherb, hawthorn, lemon balm.