MycoProtekt® 500 g

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Binds mould and toxins
Mycotoxins burden the intestines and metabolism of horses and even cause life-threatening poisoning. MycoProtekt binds mould and its toxins and mould spores, which are excreted in this way without causing major damage.
Crude protein 16.4%, crude fats 9.7%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 10.6%.
Calcium 0.17%, phosphorous 0.7%, sodium 0.35%.
40 g bentonite montmorillonite (1m558)
Application Notes
0.75 to 1.25 measuring spoons (10 - 20 g), depending on the load on the feedand size of the horse. Mix MycoProtekt® with theCrib feed or sprinkle it over moistened hay and straw.The measuring spoon holds 15 g.
Glucomannans from yeast cell walls, diatomaceous earth, apple and carrot granules.