Nettle herb (2 kg)

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Supports metabolism
Stinging nettle is one of the most important medicinal and forage plants for horses. The stinging nettle promotes excretion via the kidneys, especially because of its high potassium content; it strengthens the circulation and supplies the body with many minerals and trace elements. Nettle seeds enhance the shine of the coat. Horses love dried stinging nettles. They primarily contain potassium, calcium and organic acids.
Crude fibre 20%.
Calcium 2.75%, phosphorous 0.44%, sodium 0.01%.
Application Notes
Mix 1 - 3 handfuls of PerNaturam nettle herb with the feed, depending on the size of the horse.

Note: Due to the leaf hairs of the herbs, fibre clouds and threads may form as a result of transport movements during shipping. This is natural and does not represent a reduction in quality.
100% stinging nettle herbs, cut.