Orgamin pellets

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Orgamin contains only plant parts and algae. It is the natural alternative to the usual mineral feeds, which mostly contain inorganic and synthetic substances. Until a few decades ago, there were no inorganic mineral mixtures available for horses, apart from salt. In spite of the earlier much higher demand due to extreme performance demands, the horses were able to cover their needs with fodder, i.e. species-rich meadow/hay, leaves, bark and straw.
Crude protein 8.7%, crude fats 5.8%, crude fibre 11.7%, crude ash 9.3%.
Calcium 1.05%, phosphorous 0.26%, sodium 0.67%.

Other natural minerals and trace elements per kg
Potassium 16 g, magnesium 2.4 mg, copper 10 mg, zinc 19.6 mg, manganese 50.7 mg, iron 153 mg, selenium 0.14 mg
Application Notes
Give between 50 - 120 g daily, depending on the weight of the horse, as a cureor regularly. A salt lick should also always be offered.
1 MB = 100 g.
Seaweed, carrot, parsnip, nettle, celery, carob, shepherd's purse, lovage, aniseed, fennel seed, oak bark, leek, rosehip, birch bark, coconut, horsetail, apple pectin, apple cider vinegar. (Cold-pressed)