Pancreatin P 250 g

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"PerNaturam Pancreatin P contains 90% purified porcine pancreatin with the active enzymes of thePancreas, especially amylase, lipase and protease. Pancreatin P is prepared over the ready-madeIf the food is given, the pancreatic enzymes begin to digest the food immediately. Pancreatin P improvedthe absorption of nutrients, supports the metabolism and helps reduce inflammatory processes in the intestinesto reduce. The ground Indian psyllium husks (psyllium) protect with their mucilagethe irritated intestinal mucosa.
Dogs with metabolic problems and inflammation of the pancreas should use PerNaturamPancreatin P can be fed as a cure for eight to twelve weeks. "
Protein 44.8%, fat content 1.7%, crude fiber 2.3%, crude ash 3.5%
Ca 0,11 %, P 0,69 %, Na 0,52 %
90% pig pancreatin, psyllium husks
Feeding Recommendation
Dogs up to 5 kg receive 2 g per day. Dogs with 5 - 10 kg receive 3.5 g per day.
Dogs up to 20 kg receive 5 g per day. Heavier dogs receive 6 - 7 g daily.
1 measuring spoon corresponds to 1.5 g of
The total daily dose should be divided between the individual rations. Pour over the prepared food and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes.