Para-Z pellets according to Dr. Jutta Ziegler

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The special formula with cistus masks the perspiration and allows dogs to roam the grass without any problems.
Suitable for dogs from the age of 6 months.
You can find further information on ticks here in our monthly sheet - Ticks come with spring -
Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone (from Bitter Orange Peel) 2000 mg
Crude protein 30.2%, crude fat 9.8%, crude fiber 5.5%, crude ash 7.2%
Vitamin B1 6000 mg, vitamin B2 27 mg, niacin 50 mg, zinc as zinc oxide 240 mg

Rockrose 34%, kitchen herbs (nettle, watercress), brewer's yeast, dried and ground chicken, cold-pressed hemp oil, acerola cherry, hops
Feeding Recommendation
Suitable for dogs over 6 months old.

Feed Para-Z pellets daily.
Dogs up to 5 kg body weight get 1/2 measuring spoon
Dogs up to 15 kg body weight get 3/4 measuring spoon
Dogs up to 30 kg body weight get 1 measuring spoon
Dogs up to 40 kg body weight or more get a heaped measuring spoon

The measuring spoon holds 15 g