Pesto Verde (190 g)

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Chlorophyll-rich vegetables, gently cooked, provide valuable vitamins, minerals, Trace elements and phytochemicals.

Due to the high fiber content, the bacteria are in the Intestines supplied with important nutrients. Natural prebiotics for your animal.
Crude protein 1.8%, Fat content 0.3%, Crude fiber 0.9%, Crude ash 0.8%, Humidity: 93.3%.
Ca 0,068 %,P 0,034 %,Na 0,066 %.
Zucchini, celery, Swiss chard, fennel, ribwort, spirulina, ground Anise, caraway and fennel.
Feeding Recommendation
Feed 20-30% of the dog's daily ration to supplement the Portion of meat. Also, add minerals and oil.