Pure brewer's yeast

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Pure brewer's yeast from PerNaturam mainly contains the vitamins of the B complex, minerals, trace elements and all essential amino acids.
Pure brewer's yeast from PerNaturam is gently dried, wholesome and unextracted.PerNaturam brewer's yeast increases performance, improves fertility and stabilizes the intestinal flora. Due to the high content of natural vitamins of the B complex, brewer's yeast has a positive effect on skin and coat.
Brewer's yeast is particularly important as an additive during pregnancy and for theFeeding the puppies.
Crude protein 43.3%, fat content 2.8%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 6.1%.
Ca 0,51 %, P 1,11 %, Na 0,02 %
Application Notes
Smaller dogs up to 5 kg body weight receive 1 - 2.5 g daily. Larger dogs receive 2 g per 5 kg body weight (maximum daily dose = 10 g). The small measuring spoon holds 2.5 g, the large measuring spoon 12 g. Double the amount during pregnancy and lactation!
100% pure brewer's yeast without spent grains.